Acme Thunderer Whistles, Plastic

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Acme Thunderer Whistles, black polycarbonate.

The Acme Thunderer range of plastic whistles provides a similarly wide range of tones as the traditional brass, nickel plated range of Acme Thunderer whistles -  but at a more economical price.

Each whistle has a pea and the options available are as follows:

Acme Thunderer #558 - a large whistle which produces a low tone

Acme Thunderer #559 - a mid-sized whistle producing a medium tone

Acme Thunderer #560 - a small sized whistle with a high tone

The deeper toned Thunderer whistle is typically used by shoot captains; while the 560 is often combined with either an Acme 210.5 or 211.5 to make a "Stop and Turn" combination of command sounds. 

These whistles are also highly favoured by referees for sports activities such as rugby, football or swimming.