Martin - Cocker Spaniel Training DVD

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DVD: Cocker Spaniel Training, by Edward Martin. (Parts 1-4)

A series of four separate DVDs:

Part 1: The puppy; play training; introduction to lead; equipment & whistle commands; walking on lead; introduction to transport; walking off lead; family dog; transport; basic training; quartering; dummy retrieve; introduction to jumping fence; retrieving over fence; retrieving.

Part 2: Retrieving cold game; introduction to shot; problem retrieves; training session family pet; retrieving; jumping and retrieving over fence; free time; introduction to livestock; training session; live stock; introduction to wire fence.

Part 3: Problem retrieves 2; training session; Retrieving over fence and gully; Cold game retrieve 2; retrieving over stone wall; unseen retrieve; introduction to rabbits; rabbits in hedgerow; transport; introduction to shotgunand retrieve; following scent line; introduction to warm game; handling out; introduction to water.

Part 4: Introduction to rabbit shooting; advanced training; refresher training; introduction to rough shooting and beating line; picking up; the shooting day.